About Us

Founded in the pristine character of flawless teaching methodology and fine mentoring, ALS has driven students to attain time-sensitive goals and smoothly adapt into leadership roles that shape India.
ALS has been loftily nurturing their pupils and seeing them crack the Civil Services Examination with poise. There is a rationale why around 20 percent of seats are secured annually by ALS alumni. The institute offers a rich and rewarding mix of courses, creative teaching methodology and maximal academic exposure in an inspirational environment. It all adds up to a warning combination of innovation and tradition: the best of both worlds.

Mentors at ALS take the arduous Civil Services Examination seriously, nevertheless infectiously breed the belief in their students that it can be vanquished with flair.

The classroom sessions are supplemented with learning aids and exhaustive study material that result in timely completion of the courses while offering panoptic coverage and an unwavering foundation.
Teachers at ALS shape educational practices, promote conceptual clarity and actuate the drive to perform among aspirants to enable them to take leadership positions. Students gain comprehensive access to India’s smartest IAS coaching faculty with a teaching methodology that elevates versatile eruditeness.
Tap into ALS, its cutting edge insight and intellectual capital to actualize your goal of becoming a Civil Servant.



The legacy of ALS cannot be summarized. It can be experienced.

  • India's Best Faculties under one roof
  • 20 ranks in top 100 each year
  • 4 times All India Rank-1
  • 3010+ selections in last 18 years
  • Interview training session by eminent experts
  • Current Affairs portal
  • Extra doubt clearing session
  • Printed booklets
  • Reading room
  • Regular Tests
  • Student support helpline
  • World class infrastructure